THE W800


The W800 is a workhorse, A state of the art high quality Vapour Blasting Pot. The W800 is perfect for commercial use, It ideal for small to large jobs. With 113 Litres of water & 136 Kg of abrasive this allows for approximately 1.5 hours of continuous blast time. 


226 Litre Capacity

~90 Minute blast time per fill

Tank Dimensions: 63" H x 34" W x 40" D

Weight: 193 Kg

Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI

Compressor Requirement: 185+ CFM

Internal Parts Made from Hardened Steel


2/3 Less Abrasive Than Sand Blasting

Cheaper & Faster

Safe & Productive

1 Year Warranty

No Internal Moving Parts


Simple & Easy to use

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